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Library Codes/ISIL

Library Codes/ISIL

The library code

The library code is assigned to libraries having their materials arranged in accordance with principles of librarianship. Libraries enable their users to access catalogues and library materials and offer interlibrary loan service.

International standard identifier for libraries and related organizations (ISIL)

The National and University Library is registered at the Danish Agency for Libraries and Media. It is the registration authority for ISO 15511 Information and Documentation - International Standard Identifier for Libraries and Related Organizations (ISIL). Libraries wishing to obtain a library code, and hence the international standard identifier (ISIL), should fill in the form for obtaining a library code or a registered number.

Libraries with library codes or registered numbers canformulate the ISIL by themselves by adding the country code, followed by minus before the library code (i.e. SI-50001 National and University Library).

List of Slovenian libraries and their international standard identifiers for libraries and similar organizations.